purpose of the Consortium

In order to comply with REACH, manufacturers and importers must submit to ECHA extensive technical dossiers about each substance. For almost two decades the members of the then OECD HPV Synthetic Zeolite Consortium have jointly worked to develop health & safety data and have participated in a number of international safety programmes such as, e.g., HERA, HPV/OECD and SIDS. Additional data and studies for synthetic zeolites were collated by EUZEPA, a sector group within Cefic. In light hereof it was decided to form a new consortium outside of the EUZEPA sector group with the sole purpose of registering under REACH all materials covered by the association’s work in the past (“Consortium”).

The Consortium will not admit any new members as the purpose of the Consortium has been fulfilled with the successful submission of the registration dossier for synthetic zeolites to ECHA, but will provide access to the dossiers and data in a fair and transparent matter via the sale of a letter of access (LoA) to other potential registrants as provided in REACH as described in more details in the related pages.

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Synthetic Zeolites Consortium aisbl is a non-profit association registered under Belgian laws and representing the members of the Industry Consortium for the REACH Registration of Synthetic Zeolites, namely Synthetic Zeolites Consortium

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