The joint submissions (i.e., registration dossiers) prepared by the Consortium cover exclusively the following substances:

Synthetic Zeolites (non-fibrous),

including and limited to:

Mother submission:

1.    Zeolite, cuboidal, crystalline, synthetic, non fibrous (EC 930- 915-9)

Derivative submissions:

1.a. Zeolite, cuboidal, crystalline, synthetic, non fibrous, thermally produced (EC 931-125-7)

2.  Zeolite, silica rich, crystalline, synthetic, non fibrous (EC 930-985-0)

2.a. Zeolite, silica rich, without aluminium, crystalline, synthetic, non fibrous (EC 930- 986-6)

3. Zeolite, phosphorous containing, crystalline, synthetic, non fibrous (EC 930- 989-2)

3.a. Zeolite, aluminium and iron and phosphor based, crystalline, synthetic, non fibrous (EC 930- 990-8)

4. Zeolite, silica and titanium based, crystalline, synthetic, non fibrous (EC 930-991-3)

4.b. Zeolite, synthetic, crystalline, non fibrous, silica and titanium based (EC 930-993-4)

4.c. Zeolite, silica and sodium and titanium based, crystalline, synthetic, non fibrous (EC 947-741-4)

7. Zeolite, phosphorous and titanium containing, crystalline, synthetic, non fibrous (EC 943.514.9)


Further to in-depth discussions with ECHA, CAS and EINECS numbers are not valid identifiers for synthetic Zeolites.

EINECS: 215-283-8 and CAS: 1318-02-1 are merely used for information as related numbers and as a pre-registration identifier. 

EINECS numbers mentionned here have been designated by ECHA after registration.

Identification of the synthetic Zeolites which are covered by the registration dossiers submitted by the Consortium is achieved solely by production process and raw materials. Therefore, the Consortium is strictly limiting its registration to the types of synthetic zeolites listed here. These substances are to be registered in subgroups as listed above according to a decision made by ECHA, with possible read-across between these individual registrations.

It is important to note that commercially produced synthetic zeolites are not nanomaterials. They do not fulfill the definition given in “Commission Recommendation 2011/696/EU”. The zeolite crystals are larger than 100 nm. Using modified synthesis procedures, it is possible to manufacture zeolite crystals smaller than 100 nm. These zeolite crystals are stable in diluted suspensions only. These zeolites are a niche product and are not covered by the existing REACH registrations of the Synthetic Zeolite Consortium.


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