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options to cooperate

Interested companies are invited to contact the Consortium. Note that signature of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is requested anytime to to get access to information. After contacting the Consortium, companies will have to decide on one of the following options to cooperate with the Consortium.

purchase of a Letter of Access (LoA) to the full Dossiers

The LoA prices for access to all the registration dossiers for the substances mentioned, including the chemical safety report (CSR) have been determined as follows (values 2023):

It is important to note that additional costs might have to be paid to the owners of specific studies which were used for elaboration of our dossiers, but who are either not members of the Consortium (so-called data owners who are not planning to register synthetic zeolites under REACH), or used for read-accross purposes. The Consortium has negotiated a fixed price with these companies for access to such studies, which will need to be paid directly to such companies.

In case you decide to follow this approach, you will, upon payment of the LoA price, receive a Letter of Access (LoA) for the registration dossiers, the chemical safety report (CSR), and other relevant pieces of information (e.g. registration token).

purchase of a Letter of Access (LoA) for individual studies

This can be useful if you are planning to register another substance with a read accross to your substance from one of the substances covered by the Consortium. Under such circumstances it might be sufficient to purchase a LoA for one or more individual studies owned by members of the Consortium. In this case the costs for a LoA are calculated at a rate of 20% of the reimbursable value of the particular study.

contact details

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Synthetic Zeolites Consortium aisbl is a non-profit association registered under Belgian laws and representing the members of the Industry Consortium for the REACH Registration of Synthetic Zeolites, namely Synthetic Zeolites Consortium

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NB: In any case, it should be noted that the use of the dossier or LoA purchased as described and all information therein contained is strictly confined to REACH registration purposes only of the described substances. Thus, these studies and data may not be used for any other purpose, including, but not limited to, the registration of substances in jurisdictions outside the EU.